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When the Web is Down, Does Your Home Business Stop?

by Mary Emma Allen on May 19th, 2008


 “Help!  Help!  My server’s down.” 

(Or my computer crashed.  My e-mail has a zillion spam.)

When you’re depending solely on the Internet to operate your business, what do you do when you have problems, can’t access it, or can’t fill your customers’ requests?  Are there solutions?

*Use the phone…Make sure your regular customers have a phone number they can call you.  Try to get their phone numbers when they contact you or order so you can respond. 

*Use traditional postal mail…This is slower, but can be a back-up to the Internet.  Also, sending postcards or notes to customers is good for public relations.  When people mainly receive mail that consists of bills and “junk,” they’re thrilled to receive a note, card, or letter.

*Use an offline program for writing, if you’re involved in an Internet based business.  You can do all your writing here, then tranfer it to e-mail, your blog, or your web site when the computer/Internet/e-mail are up and running again.

*Use your vehicle to contact customers, if your business is local, and drive to take orders or make deliveries.

*Think about this problem beforehand so you have contingency plans ready to put into place when an emergency occurs.  

What solutions do you have for these problems?

(c)2008 Mary Emma Allen

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