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Working From Home for a Home Business or Someone Else

by Mary Emma Allen on April 27th, 2007

When I visited Yvonne’s blog, Grow Your Writing Business, where she mentioned her interview at Home Biz Notes, I found a question from one of her readers.  This lady wanted to know about working from home.

“I would like to work from home, but I do not want to own my own business.  Do you have any suggestions?”

Her query got me thinking about this variation of a home business, working from home, but working for someone else.  I’ve discovered that more companies are doing outsourcing…right in their backyard and over the Internet nowadays. 

If you’re interested in this type of work…being a home worker, as it once was called, check in your area to see if there are any companies that set people up to work for them…but in their own home.  There is a business near my hometown that makes dolls and sends sewing out to workers in their homes.  Another company that made unique pillows started in a woman’s home.  As she developed more business than she could handle, she sent work to women in their homes.  This lasted until she moved to a large building and had everything made there.

I have a friend who started working for a company (solving customer’s cable set-up problems or something similar).  However,  after she was trained and had worked at the business location for awhile, they set her up to do this in her home.  She has to work specific hours (not at her own whim) and take calls from customers.  She says they’re setting up more of their employees to do this. 

One of the smaller, yet growing, airlines started by using homeworkers to make reservations.  They work from their homes around the country.

Instead of outsourcing to another country, a number of companies are following suit and looking for people to work for them from their homes. 

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