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Zoning Issues for Home Businesses

by Mary Emma Allen on October 30th, 2006

Before starting a small business, particularly one where you are producing items or have customers/clients frequenting your home, check on the zoning ordinances for your area. This is especially important if you live in a town or city. Zoning often places restrictions on what you can do with your home or garage if you use it for other than residential purposes.

*Placing signs in front of your home

*Storing materials (especially those needed for construction projects)

*Using your home for production of items

*Having people coming to purchase

*Operating a small shop

All or some of these may be prohibited in your area.

Then you will have to figure out how you’re going to operate a home-based business and work around these conditions. That’s not to say you’re to circumvent the rules. But you may have to do some of your business at home (bookkeeping, correspondence, phone calls, etc.) and the rest at another location.

Unfortunately this might mean you have to rent a space away from home or work with another business owner. For instance, if you planned a shop in your home, then place your items in other shops. (There often are co-operatives or consignment shops for this.)

Or consider developing an Internet based shop. This type of business usually won’t be so affected by zoning. However, make sure before you start.

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