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5 Tips For Solving Challenges & Overcoming Mishaps

by Mary Emma Allen on February 9th, 2008


When I wrote the post the other day, Can Internet Mishaps Affect Your Home Business, I had no idea we’d be experiencing a bump in the blogosphere so soon at b5media and Home Biz Notes.

Fortunately we have a super tech team here, so we’re up and running with some more great posts for you.

When we’re in business, and just involved in life in general, we’re sure to meet with challenges that disrupt the regular flow of things. How do you deal with them? How do you solve them? How do you overcome? What do you do to keep your outlook positive instead of taking to bed and covering your head?

  1. Assess what you can do and do it. Make a list and start acting upon it.
  2. If there is anything you can control, focus on that.
  3. If there’s not much you can do right now, try a diversion.
  4. Keep calm when all others may be undecided. Become the one who steers to safe shores.
  5. Find some humor, as Liz Strauss at Successful Blog did the other day midst the tech problems at b5 with her Playlist for the Network Breakdown. Invite others to join in.

What suggestions do you have for overcoming unexpected challenges in your business and your life?

(c) 2008 Mary Emma Allen

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