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Home Biz Notes Participates in Week #4 of the “Apprentice”

by Mary Emma Allen on November 30th, 2007

Kay’s problem for week #4 involves her business expanding too rapidly for her to fill her Christmas orders. (Kay has started a business producing chef’s aprons and hats for children.)

What’s she to do to solve this challenge, which actually is a good one to have?

Rachel Clarke, at Behind the Buzz, hosts our entry this week. If you’re following Kay, our prototype business owner, and her challenges, check out When a Business Gets Successful. Find out how Kay can solve her problem and fill all her orders before Christmas.

You may find you have some of these situations in your business and will benefit from the advice given to Kay.

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(If you’d like to vote for our Home Biz Notes blog, visit Taxgirl for the poll in the right sidebar. Here you indicate the blog you think should win this “Apprentice” type challenge.)

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