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5 Ways To Brag…Discreetly

by Mary Emma Allen on February 27th, 2008


If you grew up in an era that I did, you might feel self-conscious about “tooting your own horn.” My mother called that bragging and felt it was for others to tell about. She was proud of us when we received recognition, but the general feeling was to downplay it.
However, when we’re in business, our customers and clients like to know they’re dealing with someone who is successful or recognized for their achievements. You can learn to do this in a way that’s informative and humble, not with braggadocio. You also give others the incentive for achieving themselves when they learn about you.

Give the award organizer the information for sending out press releases. This also gains publicity for the organization or business that presented your award. (When my daughter and I were listed in Who’s Who in American Quilters, the publisher sent press releases to local newspapers. As a result, a school activity organizer, arranged for us to teach a series of workshops about quiltmaking, tying them into the curriculum.)

Write press releases and send to online and off line publications yourself if no one else is going to. (I sent press releases about my book about my mom’s Alzheimer’s journey, When We Become the Parent to Our Parents, to our newspaper. An organizer for women’s programs at a nearby church invited me to speak about caregiving and my writing.)

1. Mention an achievement on your blog. Your readers will rejoice with you and usually leave comments.

Offer to write guest posts about your specific award field. Then in the bio information, you can mention you’re a recipient of the award.

3. When customers ask, don’t play down the award, but explain what it’s for. They’re interested and pleased for you. Most also like to be associated with someone who has “celebrity” status.

4.  Post copies of articles about your business on a bulletin board at your shop or on your blog/web site. (I’ve often gone into businesses where they’ve posted copies of newspaper articles, along with any photos taken at the time.)

5.  Make a scrapbook of clippings and awards that customers can browse through.

An example of posting an announcement of an award is the one where I mentioned Yvonne Russell’s recent recognition. (Incidentally, Yvonne had no idea I was doing this. However, I thought her achievement merited recognition.)

What ideas do you have for spreading the word about your achievements in an interesting, eye-catching, yet discreet way?

(c)2008 Mary Emma Allen

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