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Healthy Eating - Sometimes Challenging For The Home Business Owner

by Mary Emma Allen on January 2nd, 2008


So often it’s difficult to think about healthy eating and have time to prepare the meals we should when we get caught up in our home business demands.

*We forget to eat well ourselves.

*If there are children in the household, we may get too busy to make sure their diet is always well balanced, although we do most of the time.

*We get too busy finishing projects, filling orders, as well as fulfilling family obligations that we may find it difficult to concentrate on healthy food, shopping, preparation and snacks.

You’ll find a number of blogs at b5 in the

Science & Health Channel

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And the Lifestyles Channel

*Baking Delights

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to give you ideas for healthy and pleasurable eating,

with occasional splurges like…

Chocolate Bytes!


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