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9 Mistakes a Home Business Owner Shouldn’t Make

by Mary Emma Allen on September 23rd, 2007

We frequently find advice about what you need to do to maintain a successful home business, how you can build it up, how you can have happy customers.  Are we ever warned about some of the worst mistakes we can make…so we can stay away from them?

Not usually…so, Business Channel bloggers will be giving you advice on things you shouldn’t do.

Some of the mistakes a Home Business Owner shouldn’t make….

*Tell a customer they’re wrong or stupid and don’t know what they’re talking about…even when they have no clue.

*Don’t worry about meeting deadlines for producing an item or providing a service. 

*Ignore a customer’s complaints. 

*Fail to file taxes because it’s “just a little business.”

*Pay employees “under the table”

*Use “shoe box” bookkeeping. 

*Cut corners on quality because “the customer won’t know.”  They should be glad I’m keeping the price cheap.

*Fail to return customers’ phone calls or e-mails.

*Fail to add all your expenses and overhead when determining price…then wonder why you keep losing money.

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