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The Value Of Writing A Book To Establish Yourself As An Expert

by Yvonne Russell on July 18th, 2008

Emma Jones is the editor of Enterprise Nation, the UK’s premier home business site and the author of Spare Room Startup: How To Start A Business From Home.

In what way do you think that writing a book helps establish credibility as an authority in the field?
You cannot put a value on it. When you publish a book, you do become an expert in your field.

I have had opportunities sent to me in the past 6 weeks (since publication) that simply would not have been open to me, without the book. Publishing a book can be a big stepping stone to media coverage and you being THE industry expert.

Can you share some tips about how a home business owner could use having written a book to boost their business or their own profile?
Just mentioning that you’re the author of a book connected to your trade in your email sign-off is impressive. There’s plenty more you can do including go on a tour of events, offer to write a regular column for a newspaper/magazine and, a bit more large scale, approach TV companies with the idea to turn your book into a show.

Did you catch my book review of Spare Room Startup? For a glimpse inside the book, check out the video.

Spare Room Startup:How To Start A Business From Home can be purchased from Amazon or from the UK publisher, Harriman House.

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