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Home Biz Notes

January 12th, 2008

Social Security & The Home Business Owner…What Should We Do?

   Odd Couple Project
Bob Turek, at ProjectManagement411, is partnering with me in a b5media Business Channel Odd Couple project. Our assignment is to consider:  At current rates, Social Security payouts will exceed payments made into the system within the next ten years. What should we do about Social Security?
He mentions possible solutions as he […]

By Mary Emma Allen -- 16 comments

January 1st, 2008

“Why Do I Blog?” (Final Week of Business Channel Challenge)

(For the final week of the b5 Business Channel’s “Apprentice” type challenge, we’ve been asked to consider “Why do you blog?” Four blogs remain in the challenge…Accounting Solver, Home Biz Notes, Successful Blog, and Greener Assets.)
  “Blogging! What’s that?” friends ask. They appear to think it’s some fantasy world and wonder if perhaps I’ve grown two heads.They […]

By Mary Emma Allen -- 7 comments

December 25th, 2007

Business Channel Challenge Week #7 - Enjoy the Journey

  As we approach Week #7 in the “apprentice” b5 Business Channel challenge, we’re to find for Kay, our prototype business owner, one post that will help her, inspire her, encourage her when she’s too busy to wade through the volumes of information on the web.
Kay, Enjoy the Journey of Your Home Business . When […]

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December 21st, 2007

“My Mother, The Country Grocer” Wins This Round of Business Channel Challenge!

The Home Biz Notes post, My Mother, The Country Grocer, won this round of the b5 Business Channel’s “Apprentice” type challenge, an ongoing 8-week contest, with a different version each week.  This week we were to tell the prototype business owner, Kay, a success story. 
I chose to relate the story of my mom, who influenced […]

By Mary Emma Allen -- 4 comments

December 11th, 2007

Wrapping It Up - Business Channel Theme Day Posts

Wrapping It Up! That’s the topic for our b5 Business Channel December Theme Day. This could be presented in a variety of ways so we have many Business bloggers who’ve written some very interesting and informative posts for you as you wrap up your year and plan for 2008. […]

By Mary Emma Allen -- 4 comments

December 10th, 2007

Wrapping Up With Readers’ Comments At Home Biz Notes

Throughout the year, our readers have visited and added their comments to the various topics we’ve presented. It’s always enjoyable to learn what you’re thinking and have you share with us.
So we’re “wrapping up” with some comments here at Home Biz Notes.
1. Celebrate Universal Children’s Day in Your Business

Bridget Wright at Biz Chicks Rule shared […]

By Mary Emma Allen -- 10 comments

November 30th, 2007

Home Biz Notes Participates in Week #4 of the “Apprentice”

Kay’s problem for week #4 involves her business expanding too rapidly for her to fill her Christmas orders. (Kay has started a business producing chef’s aprons and hats for children.)
What’s she to do to solve this challenge, which actually is a good one to have?
Rachel Clarke, at Behind the Buzz, hosts our entry this week. […]

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November 27th, 2007

“Apprentice” Type Competition into 4th Week at b5 Business Channel

The “apprentice” type competition, at b5Media’s Business Channel, goes into it’s 4th week as we follow Kay through the trials and triumphs of launching a buisness producing and selling chef’s hats and aprons for youngsters.  Yvonne Russell and Mary Emma Allen of Home Biz Notes have been contributing their ideas to their team, the Pros. 
If […]

By Mary Emma Allen -- 2 comments

November 20th, 2007

Home Biz Notes Participates in Theme Day

Kevin, at Buzz Networker, hosted the Business Channel’s November Theme Day, based on the topic, Traditions.  Various Business Channel bloggers participated, giving their take on this theme.  Check out what they have to share.
The Home Biz Notes post, Reflections on Traditions & Your Home Business, gives you ideas for participating in holiday traditions in your community and […]

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November 16th, 2007

Home Biz Notes Hosts Winning “Apprentice” Post

The PROS have been announced the winners in Week#2 of the Business “Apprentice” contest.  The post, If You Handle “Made in China” Items in Your Home Business, with the accompanying sample press release,  Get the Lead Out of Toys Day, (posted at Home Biz Notes) were the winning entries.
You’ll find this news of interest, if you’re […]

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