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Back-to-School Promotions

by Mary Emma Allen on August 17th, 2009

If young people haven’t started back to school already, they soon will be.  Do you have products or services that tie in with going back to school…or can you tie them in?

Perhaps, too, you have something that can be a last day of fun for youngsters before they head back to school…to enjoy a first day of school.  My grandchildren are experiencing exciting back-to-school events in their lives.  Grandson enters high school and granddaughter begins college.

So in addition to getting them prepared for school, we’re having a family dinner to celebrate these milestones in their lives.

What would we need for this?  Here are possible suggestions:

  • Special cake
  • Food they especially enjoy
  • A fun day with friends…sort of back-to-school party
  • School supplies
  • Scrapbooks and/or supplies to record these events, or add to existing ones
  • Bouquet for the college bound
  • New Wii game for grandson
  • New clothes for both
  • Dorm room supplies for granddaughter
  • Some will need a laptop for college (granddaughter’s is included in her tuition)

Would any of these celebrations tie in with a home business so you could help parents plan?

Here’s how Cookies by Design (a business that originated in a home) promotes back-to-school days.

(Image: sxc.hu)

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