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5 Ways “Back to School” Affects Your Home Business

by Mary Emma Allen on September 7th, 2007

Most youngsters are back to school and you may find this affects your home business, either because you’re a parent or your customers are.  Have you noticed any changes in your business?

 *You can keep on a stricter schedule, working at your business while your children are at school.  Or if your business depends on customers stopping in, you’ll probably find more of them do so during school hours.

*You may have visits from youngsters on fund raising projects.  For instance, our granddaughter joined the year book committee at her school and has the task of visiting ten businesses to see if they will purchase an ad.  Other students are selling fund raising coupon booklets.  If you haven’t advertised in these booklets, you may be solicited about purchasing them.  (And Mom and Dad are usually asked first!)

*Plan promotions that reflect “back to school” themes, focusing on items that youngsters use in school.   You also can provide information that might be helpful to parents at this time. 

*See if there are any fund raisers that you, as a business, can participate.  Often PTA representatives are looking either for items for fundraisers or someone to help with them.  You may be called to help, if you have youngsters at school, so you may be able to tie these to your business.  (I often donate a copy of one of my books when items are needed.)

*Coordinate your schedule around sports that your youngsters are participating in.  Perhaps there are  games you want to attend, so you must arrange help or adjust your hours. 

How has “back to school” affected your business?  How have you arranged your schedule?  Do you produce any different products.  Do you schedule promotions around this theme?

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