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“Find a Need and Fill It” & One Mom Did

by Mary Emma Allen on August 12th, 2009

Just as I began discussing finding trends and building your business around them, I learned about one mom who did just that.  She found a need and a trend when she developed ReSnackIt, reusable snack and sandwich bags that are environmentally friendly.

When she ran out of plastic sandwich bags, this creative mom designed the cloth snack bags to fill this need and developed a business, Live and Dream Green.  This cloth snack/sandwich bag concept also ties in with the trend for “going green” and saving the environment.

List current trends and then think of needs that go along with them.  What products or services can you develop.  Creativity and invention are the backbone of success.

(Incidentally, I learned about ReSnackIts at Christina Zola’s Solomother blog.  Christina is holding a giveaway for a ReSnackIt bag through this Friday, Aug. 14.  Visit this link and leave Christina a comment.)

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