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Developing a Sewing Business at Home

by Mary Emma Allen on August 10th, 2009

For many years, I did dressmaking and alterations at home.  Then this evolved into a quiltmaking business as interest in quilts was renewed.  These were tasks I could do at home when our daughter was small.

I’ll be running a series on Developing a Sewing Business at Home and begin the first post on this topic tomorrow.  I’ll relate some of my experiences which you might be able to use as a springboard for a business of your own.

You can do this parttime or eventually develop it into something pretty much full time.  I always worked at the sewing business in conjunction with writing or other freelance ventures.  It’s also a business you can develop at home while working at an outside job.

(Some of my tips in this series would be applicable to developing other craft type businesses at home.)

If you have a sewing business of some type, I’d enjoy hearing about it.

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