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Developing A Business In The Field Of Genealogy

by Mary Emma Allen on February 23rd, 2008


With the popularity of searching for one’s roots, genealogists find more people coming to them for advice and actual searches. Much of this can be done online nowadays, as more and more information is published at web sites, from whole books of records, to census charts, land ownership records, books of history, family records, and newspapers.

Genealogists can develop a home business as they become knowledgeable and certified in this field. In addition to searching for the information, they can develop spin-off businesses.

  • Writing family stories
  • Creating family tree charts and books
  • Restoring old photos
  •  Writing about a notable (or even lesser known) ancestor in a family
  • Creating family tree charts and books

Some Business Examples

*My cousin in Utah has been helping my husband and me with our family research as she works toward her certification as a genealogist.

*I teach classes in Scrapbooking, as well as Writing Your Family Stories. Some of these are workshops for larger groups and others are classes for two or three people. I’m also developing online classes as this has become popular.

*One couple I know began as genealogy researchers and now publish copies of their research in addition to old books and records that were out of print. They’ve become well-known in their field.

If you have questions about developing a genealogy related business of some aspect, leave me a comment.

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