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When I Take My Home Business On The Road

by Mary Emma Allen on August 26th, 2008


Yvonne Russell, in her post, Do You Take Your Home Business On the Road, asked if others bloggers operated their businesses while traveling.  I’ll expand upon her post and give some insight into how I operate my writing/blogging business from home and during my travels. 

Perhaps others will share some of their business/travel tips. 

  • I do find a laptop is a necessity.  Then I can type most anywhere, even when I don’t have Internet access.
  • Since much of my writing nowadays is blogging, I do need Internet access somewhere along the route.  Even when I write for print publications, the editors want the material sent via e-mail.
  • More and more hotels/motels have wireless, and increasingly it’s free.  More also are installing business centers in their lobbies or nearby room with computers and Internet access you can use for free.
  • Coffee houses and fast food restaurants now frequently have wi/fi access.  This has become a drawing card for them, too.
  • Airports generally have Internet access and some even have it at no cost.
  • One business owner reported that her hair salon had Internet access for customers.
  • I’m not set up yet to access the Internet via my cell phone.  But that’s becoming an option, too.
  • When I’m working on books that I illustrate, I take a sketch pad along with me and get ideas for my art work.

How do you keep your business going while traveling?

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