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Do Naps Provide Energy During Your Business Day?

by Mary Emma Allen on February 25th, 2008


Reading an article at Everyday Health about the possibility of daytime naps improving memory and recall of facts, made me wonder if home business owners find that a short nap refreshes you and enables you do accomplish more. Does it help renew your mind and memory or make you more weary?

Of course, it depends on what type of work you’re involved in. Can you stop and nap for a short time? Can you do this when you take a coffee break?

The above article clarifies:

A 45-minute midday nap can help boost your memory and remember facts, but only if you learned them well in the first place, a new study suggests.

So while a nap may not always help your memory, it may give you relaxation and more energy.

What about a power nap? Studies appear to show that these approximately 20-minute naps can benefit you. Also, just dozing or relaxing with eyes closed for 5 minutes may help relieve stress and thus give you more energy to get through the rest of the day. Meditation also has been extolled as a way to decrease stress and boost your energy.

I discovered, while recovering from a broken back, that these short naps renewed my energy. At that stage of my life, I needed naps to get through the day as I worked at my writing and other home business tasks.

From that I learned the value of naps, at least for me, to keep going with my busy schedule. I can nap on airplanes, when riding in a car, sitting at my desk, and lying on the couch. Even 10 minutes naps will refresh me and keep me going.

What about you?

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