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Great Advice for Home Business Start Ups

by Mary Emma Allen on November 9th, 2007

Starting a home business can be puzzling and frustrating before it’s satisfying and producing an income.  That idea you approached with excitement, still seems great, but is producing uncertainties as you wonder where to begin.

Go on over to Startup Spark and see what Shannon Cherry has to say in Starting a Business on a Limited Budget.

Using the example of Kay, who wants to start a business marketing aprons and chef’s hats for children with a limited marketing budget of $500, Shannon mentions many tips that will give this business great exposure.

She discusses such areas as:

*Know your goals

*Do some research

*Get an inexpensive online presence (web site & blog)

*Use guerilla marketing

*Find free publicity

*Invest in quality photos

Even if you already have your home business up and running, you’ll benefit by checking out these tips at Startup Spark.

Do you have any marketing tips to add that you’ve found successful.

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6 opinions for Great Advice for Home Business Start Ups

  • Laura
    Nov 9, 2007 at 3:38 pm

    Thanks for pointing me to this post and this blog. I think that you hit on some of the key things that a new business owner should consider as they plan their business.

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  • Andre Wilson
    Jan 2, 2008 at 12:02 am

    I am just start to get our feet wet in the online home business arena. It was a lot of work to get to the point where we actually doing business online. My company is called MyCrystalPortrait.com, I take people’s photographs and scan them into laser crystals. You might have seen some of these (pre-scanned) crystals of entertainers and celebrities like Bill Clinton and Elvis, in the stores. Well, I give people an opportunity to put their faces in a laser crystal cube, tablets or keychain. It has taken us one-year of preparation to get up and running. The first thing I had to do was purchase the machine from China, then I had to learn how to use the machine, and then develop a web site. Marketing the site has been a big challenge. One of the techniques I have been using to push some items and drive traffic to the site is to sell discounted crystals on ebay. I wasn’t sure what the market would really bear when it came to pricing the crystals, but after selling on ebay, I got a pretty good ideal. I am also using web log to learn who comes to the site and from where, this has been a big help. I took a seminar class with Mary Gillian, at EEI, entitled “marketing online”. She said we should create a blog, which was a lot of fun except we are the only ones reading it (LOL). So far it has been more work then money, but I am enjoying myself.

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