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Guest Post - How to Up the “Chicness” of Your Home Business

by Mary Emma Allen on August 4th, 2008


Today, I’m hosting Elizabeth Gordon as she stops by Home Biz Notes on her tour of the blogosphere. Elizabeth is the author of The Chic Entrepreneur: Put Your Business in Higher Heels, a delightful book with many great suggestions for women interested in taking their business “from flats to stilettos.”

I asked Elizabeth about advice for home business owners. However, much of what she has to offer can be applied to any business owner…..So Read On!

How to Up the “Chicness” of Your Home Business

Guest Post by Elizabeth Gordon

One of the greatest perks of owning a home business is working in your PJ’s. However, as a business owner, you still need to maintain your professional or “chic” quotient. They say you should dress for the job you want, not the job you have. You should also remember to dress your business for the profits you want, not what you have or as I like to say, “Put your business in higher heels.”

Here are 5 tips on how women with home businesses can become Chic Entrepreneurs:

1. Workspace is work space. No matter how small your home office is, you need to make sure that you section off an area that is solely devoted to your business. If you need to, you can use a screen to make the partition feel more defined. You should also have a separate business line in your home office. The best part is that your office space is completely tax deductible.

2. Put the hours in. You work from home, so you don’t have to work from 9-5, but you still need to set aside time to get your work done. If possible, you should have a routine. Determine when you are most productive and work those hours while avoiding distractions. Avoid your email, turn off the phone and try to focus solely on your work.

3. Make quiet a priority. Your business space should also be a place that is as quiet as possible and away from kids, dogs and other sounds of home. I have heard of home business owners taking calls in their closet to get away from their kids. Of course, you do what you have to, but if you can, find a space where no home phone line, babies crying or dogs barking can be heard. It is not chic to try and close a deal while a Chihuahua is yipping in the distance.

4. Get out of your own box. Spend one day a week working out of the house in a coffee shop, Jelly (http://www.workatjelly.com/), library or other wireless venue. By removing yourself from your home office, you will allow new ideas to flow in and, hey, you never know whom you might meet while you’re out.

5. Professional is as professional looks. You should have one or two things you can easily slip into and look professional instantly. While you don’t need a two week corporate wardrobe, looks still matter regardless of your business. And because you only need one or two power outfits, go a little higher end, if possible.

This applies to your accessories as well. You should have one fabulous bag that will work with your outfits and hold everything you need when you do go on a business call. Keep certain essentials particular to you and your business in the bag at all times like a notepad, pens, petty cash or lipstick - whatever you’d need if you had to run meet an exciting new prospect in a hurry.

Stay chic!

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(c)2008 Mary Emma Allen

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