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Home Business Projects in Afghanistan

by Mary Emma Allen on October 9th, 2008


I saw an interesting documentary today with some students who have been studying about Afghanistan.  We viewed The Beauty Academy of Kabul. With American help, a school for hair stylists was set up in Kabul where local women came for training. 

I’d never realized how many of the women operate beauty shoppes in their homes or desire to have this type of home business.  They earn money for their family by caring for other women’s hair and making them feel good about themselves, as hair stylists do in the US.

The American teachers had a great deal to learn about the lives of the Afghan women, as  we all get a glimpse of life in Afghanistan and an idea of the history of the country.  Some people have called the documentary too simplistic, but it does give us some knowledge of the women and their lives and the home businesses they operate.

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