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Home Business vs. Traditional Business

by Mary Emma Allen on January 4th, 2007

As I drive past the small restaurant that’s being converted to an import store and watch it’s progress each time, I wonder how well it will succeed. It’s located on the edge of our small town, away from the mainstream of shoppers, although it does get quite a bit of commuter traffic.

Will it get enough business to justify someone staying there full time? Will it be a parttime or seasonal business? I can see it receiving more traffic during the summer tourist months than at other times of the year.

It seems to me this venture would be better suited for a home business if your home wasn’t too far off the mainstream and zoning permitted it. If you had an extra room for display and sales, along with space for storage, you could operate the store and still be at home taking care of other matters there when you didn’t have customers. You set specific hours to be open, so there was minimal interference with family life. You also could develop an online store along with your “brick-and-mortar” one. You wouldn’t be paying rent and overhead in addition to home expenses.

I have seen so many businesses in our small town start up, then fall by the wayside even though they had a great idea for a venture. The customer visits and sales didn’t meet expectations and expenses were too great to keep it going. Also, the owners didn’t realize how much time the business would take them away from home.

There may be reasons why this small import business can’t operate from home. I wish them success at their proposed location and hope all goes well. At least there isn’t any other business like it nearby.

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