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Home Biz Notes

January 8th, 2008

Managing One’s Time As A Home Business Owner

The tendency to become distracted by other tasks and people when we work at home challenges many of us.  We find it difficult to block off specific amounts of time and tasks free of interference from family, friends, and other work facing us.
There’s an interesting article, with informative tips at CareerJournal.com, Running a Home Business Like a Big-Company […]

By Mary Emma Allen -- 2 comments

December 17th, 2007

9 Guilt Free Resolutions For Home Business Owners

Celebrate your successes, small and large
Take time for you. It’s not only allowed. It’s good for your business (and you)
Take time for your friends & family away from work
Give yourself permission to make mistakes, or be grumpy sometimes
Start or expand your online presence or try something new or creative
Remember why you started […]

By Yvonne Russell -- 2 comments

August 25th, 2007

Look Before You Leap into a Home Business

We’ve mentioned here several times the need to check out zoning regulations pertaining to your home before you decide to set up a home business, particularly one that involves customers/clients coming to your home.   (However, online business might be affected, too, in some areas.)
 I just read a news item, License Denied for Existing Home Business, […]

By Mary Emma Allen -- 0 comments

August 22nd, 2007

Insurance, Taxes & Licensing Issues for a Home Business

This article in Business Week, Before Setting Up Shop on eBay, by Karen E. Klein, provides tips to consider about insurance, taxes, licensing, permits and other similar issues before setting up your Home Business.  Even though it may be an online business, rather than one with customers coming to a shop in your home, you may find several […]

By Mary Emma Allen -- 2 comments

August 22nd, 2007

First Appearances of a Home Business Are Important

The appearance of your blog and your business say much about you. First impressions are important. Whether it’s a shop in your home or web site or blog, do they give the impression you want customers to perceive?
The old adage, “You only have one time to make a first impression,” still holds true. […]

By Mary Emma Allen -- 2 comments

August 10th, 2007

Juggling a Home Business with Triplets

Juggling a home business with family presents a challenge to any mom, as does coordinating an outside-the-home job with caring for children.  However, when one has triplets, the challenge may present even more situations to cope with.
Mary Beth Stevenson, already had her home business up and running when her triplets arrived.  Working from home at her […]

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March 4th, 2007

Do You Know the Competition for Your Home Business?

No business operates in a vacuum without competitors striving for your customers/clients.  This is not to say everyone is out there wanting to take your business away or hoping you fail.  Sometimes, too, your business is so specialized that there aren’t many with your skills or abilities or edge on an innovative product.
However, when you […]

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March 3rd, 2007

Choosing a Web Site Name for Your Home Business

One reader, reminded me, after reading my post about choosing a name for your home business, that business owners should consider their web site name too and make sure it’s easy to remember.  Most home business owners are developing web sites these days.
(Even if you have a physical business location, not simply a web site, you’re often […]

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February 27th, 2007

Some Home Businesses May Be Temporary…But Not a Failure

Some home businesses may be temporary…a business that fills a need, for you and your customers, for a particular stage in your life, for a particular time period or event, or related to a particular region where you live at the time.   If this business doesn’t become a lifelong pursuit, that doesn’t mean it’s a […]

By Mary Emma Allen -- 1 comment

February 26th, 2007

Are You Overwhelmed By All the “To Do’s” in Your Home Business?

Sometimes it seems we have so much to do, with a business, family commitments, perhaps a job if we’re not full time home business that we wonder how we’re going to get it all done.  Working at or from home is what we want to do, but how do we get everything done…and on time?
Rico […]

By Mary Emma Allen -- 2 comments



Now that gas prices are lower, how has this affected your home business?

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