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Home Businesses - Good Part Time Ventures

by Mary Emma Allen on October 24th, 2006

The majority of people start their home business as a part time venture before going full time, if they ever do expand to that extent. There are several reasons to consider starting parttime:

*This brings in extra income to the household.

*This is a way to expand upon a hobby or a skill (something you enjoy) as a way to earn extra income.

*A home business enables a mom or dad to stay home with their children while the other partner works another job, one that provides benefits, until they decide they can afford for both to go full time. Or it may be that one is not interested in the home business so never becomes involved. That’s okay, too.

*With some home based businesses, especially those conducted mainly via computer and the Internet, you can participate in while away from home or traveling.

*Home businesses often work well for people who must care for ill or elderly family members at home.

*By starting your business part time, you can “test the waters” and determine whether it’s feasible to develop it into a full time, full income venture.

As you conduct your home business part time, you will get an idea whether you do want to go full time or whether this is a better endeavor for you to stay as you are. Some parttime businesses are ideal for a limited time in your life, as my quilting business was. This enabled me to be home when my daughter was young, until other opportunities opened up for me.

Also, some home businesses, particularly those evolving from hobbies and crafts, are timely only for a short period. The market subsides as changes occur in our economy, lifestyles, and environment.

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