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How Do You Cope With The Late Afternoon Arsenic Hour At Home?

by Yvonne Russell on June 22nd, 2008

It’s Family Month at Home Biz Notes, so let’s look at juggling the work-life balance.

Parents will identify with that high stress time of day when the kids are all home - time for a bath, meals to be prepared and so on. Some call it The Arsenic Hour.

For a lighthearted look at parenting, check out this humorous YouTube video song, to the tune of the William Tell Overture. You just might recognize some of the things you say again and again to your kids.

When you run a home business, how do you cope with the household tasks that have to be done at a “set” time? Sure, every job has timetables, appointments and things that need to be done. But how about cooking, laundry and shopping?

The British Institute For Social & Economic Research says these are amongst the most difficult of household tasks. Cooking brings its own stress as it needs to be done at a “set” time.

The Work From Home Handbook - Cover Image Via Amazon where this book is available.

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