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Increased Internet Shopping - What Does It Mean to Home Businesses

by Mary Emma Allen on December 29th, 2006

Reports indicate that Internet holiday shopping reached new levels this year. What does this mean for the home business owner?

If your business is one that does or can involve setting up a web site for selling your products and services, it’s a direction you should consider.

*Learn all you can about Internet shopping.

*Set up a web site for promotion and sales.

*If your business isn’t Internet based for shopping, decide whether it can be. Can you combine shopping at your store along with fulfilling orders via Internet?

*Are you selling items in your home based shop that can be sold over the Internet?

*Do you have supplies that Internet shoppers are looking for?

For instance, a relative sells quilt fabrics, books, and embellishments from her home. It’s all through a web site on the Internet. She doesn’t have customers coming to her home, only to her computer via her web site and e-mail. Then she mails out the orders.

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