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Is Experience Necessary For A Home Business?

by Mary Emma Allen on September 15th, 2008


Our theme for Promo Day at the Business Channel is “Is Experience Necessary?”  That seems a “no-brainer” for starting a business or keeping it going.  You need to be familiar or at least have acquired some knowledge about the type of business you’re starting or operating from your home.

Often this grows out of something you may be doing as a hobby, have done when working for someone else, or have had as an intense interest.  If you’re not so experienced when you start, it’s a good idea to acquire knowledge about your particular business interest and continue to be informed and up to date as you go along.

This post at Home Biz Notes should help you get a more complete idea of what I’m talking about. 

Arm Yourself With Information For Your Home Business

If you’re looking to start a Daycare Business, these guest posts by Debbie Yost will prove very helpful.  There also is some general business information that others could glean here.

Complete Series Start-Up Guide For Running an In Home Daycare Business

Do you have anything to share about how you gained experience or what knowledge you had when you started your home business?

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