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Making Connections - Relationship Marketing

by Yvonne Russell on January 29th, 2008

John Kremer is one of my favorite writers on marketing. In Making Friends: The Essence of Marketing, he says

All of marketing ultimately comes down to one thing: creating relationships. If you don’t understand this basic principle, you will ultimately fail as a marketer. Indeed, you could fail in life as well.

Networking and building customer, community and supplier relationships is key to business. Kremer also discusses building relationships with the media.

According to Kremer, elements of business such as publicity, distribution and product creation are -

simply creating relationships with people in the media who, if they like your product, idea, or service, will pass on that information to their audience in the form of reviews, interviews, stories, or notices.

Kremer’s article is worth checking out. He also gives tips about networking, developing relationships and communication channels.

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