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Media PR for Your Business…Plan a Strategy

by Mary Emma Allen on March 25th, 2008


You can develop a business, acquire products and be ready to provide services.  However, if no one knows about your home business, you’ll simply sit there.

So you need to develop a PR stragegy.

Over at Biz Chicks Rule, you’ll find a great post by guest blogger, Shannon Cherry, concerning Why every woman should seek out media coverage for their business.

Although this blog may seem to be focused on women in business, you’ll find many principles to apply in any business.  Check out Shannon’s post for ideas on media PR and the necessity for it in spreading the word about your business.  She elaborates upon six ways publicity can benefit you and your company.

Also, Shannon says, In the story [from the Wall Street Journal that she refers to], many companies turn to PR after they have unsuccessfully spent money on advertising campaigns that produced little or no results.

Media publicity may help you, too, rather than spending a great deal on advertising…or help you develop a balance between the two.

What media PR have you found effective?

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