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Networking for Your Home Business - Online

by Mary Emma Allen on June 3rd, 2007

More and more networking for home businesses and other business occurs online nowadays.  This seems to be the growing trend even if your business isn’t an online one.  Business owners begin to find the Internet and e-mail a great way to communicate with customers and to promote their products and services. 

As Mark Allen said in the interview about his online home business, “The great thing about an online business is that the world is your market.”  Likewise, the great aspect about online networking and promotion is that the world is your audience.  You can meet and work with people around the globe.

What are some ways to network online?

*Join an online group that specializes in like interests or businesses.  Here you often can find advice, support, and encouragement.

*Visit other web sites and blogs and leave comments, thus introducing yourself and becoming a familiar name.

*Write articles for web sites and become a guest on blogs that have a similar interest.  (You’ll often learn about these opportunities through discussions on online groups.)

*If it seems practical, become associated with an online marketing site like Mark has with CafePress.

*Introduce yourself to others who write columns or have blogs.  I receive e-mails from people who either want suggestions or have a book or product they want me to review.  When you do this, be sincere and friendly, not pushy and commercial. 

Are there ways of networking online that have worked very successfully for you?

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