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Presidential Politics - Do They Affect Home Businesses?

by Mary Emma Allen on May 17th, 2008


You may think your home business is  beyond any fall-out from political politics.  You’re a small business owner, minding your own business and staying away from involvement in politics, whether locally, statewide, or nationally.  You aren’t running for any office and feel you can be immune from the whole situation.However….

*Many local political decisions can affect your business…from zoning regulations to spending that raises taxes.

*Statewide decisions can affect your business.  In our state, there are no sales tax.  However, this issue frequently comes up among the politicians as something to initiate to raise money.  Business taxes, employee taxes, environmental regulations, etc., when begun or changed affect your business.

*Federal decisions can change your business, too.  Some may be beneficial while others increase your cost of operating a business.

Whether your business is a walk-in one where you’re dealing face-to-face with customers or one operated solely online, many decisions voted in or down by political representatives have an affect on one’s business.

In a Presidential election year, more legislation often is suggested, and sometimes passed, at all levels, that may not benefit the business owner, yet will appeal to the majority of voters.  Sometimes it may be worthy in the short term (long enough for candidates to be elected) but detrimental in the long run.

Look carefully at any proposed legislation, environmental regulations, tax suggestions, and zoning laws to see if they benefit you and the community, state, and nation in the long term.  Or are they simply proposed to aid particular political candidates and ensure their election?

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