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Politics and Your Home Business

by Mary Emma Allen on November 4th, 2007

With Election Day taking place in many communities throughout the US, we may ponder, “How much should we inject politics into our home business?”

Will taking a firm stand regarding one’s political views turn customers away or bring more business? This is a question we all have to determine, balancing it against how strongly we feel about specific issues.

A number of factors will be involved:

*Does your business depend on customers from your local community? If so, will a strong political stand affect your business? Or should you low key your opinions?

*If your business is online, your political views may not enter into it at all, unless you express them on your blog.

*Do you feel strongly enough about specific issues or candidates for that to take priority over over any business concerns.

*Will some political issue affect your business, so you must take a stand and try to convince others to do so.

My dad was a dairy farmer, one type of home business. However, he was very active in our local town politics for more than 40 years. Even though some people might not agree with his stand on issues, they respected his right to do his civic duty. The milk produced on the farm was sold to out-of-town markets. Yet we sold the eggs from the poultry part of our farm to many local customers and this never seemed affected by his political views and participation.

How do you deal with politics and your home business? Or perhaps this issue doesn’t come up at all for you.

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