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Does Your Home Business Involve Food? The “Fat” Regulators May Check On You!

by Mary Emma Allen on July 21st, 2008


If your home business deals with food, making it to sell to consumers, whether from your home, at food establishments, craft fairs, farmers markets,  or on the Internet, you soon may be affected by “calorie sticker” laws. New Yorkers recently experienced calorie “sticker shock” because restaurants and fast food places must post the calories contained in the foods they sell. Other cities are looking into this.

So, if you live in an area where these laws are in effect or will be adopted, you’ll have to consider the calorie count.

  • Do you supply baked goods for restaurants and stores? Some home business owners do this.
  • Do you sell baked goods online? Some items are condusive for shipping so appeal as a home business.
  • Do you serve food to customers from the shop in your home? As long as you meet health regulations in your town and state, sometimes you can do this, along with the other items you sell.
  • Do you provide food at craft fairs, farmers markets, and other similar venues?

If you don’t have to post calorie content now, this may be something you’ll be required in the future, as the “fat” police or regulators decide they know better what’s best for people and “help” them make choices.

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1 opinion for Does Your Home Business Involve Food? The “Fat” Regulators May Check On You!

  • Lindsay
    Jul 21, 2008 at 5:17 pm

    I was always shocked by the number of listings on ebay there were for people selling fudge or cookies or obviously homemade items (I haven’t looked in a few years, so not sure if this is still allowed).

    I had a friend who made chocolates from home and sold them at various farmers’ markets and craft shows, and she had to have her kitchen inspected regularly and had a lot of restrictions, so that it will be legal for her to make food from home.

    I’m sure those people on ebay weren’t in that camp. Personally, though I’d be less worried about calories than cat hairs and whatever else you find in most home kitchens. ;)

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