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Reach Out to Others Through Interviews in Your Home Business

by Mary Emma Allen on June 19th, 2007

Darlene, of InterviewChatter blog, shared an experience about interviewing which expands upon my blog post, 5 Tips for Obtaining Interviews for Your Home Business . This should give you more insight into getting interviewed, or how interviewers find people to write about. Also, in the process, if one is the interviewer, they might receive publicity, too, for their business, publication, or blog.

Here is what happened to Darlene: I had the opportunity to interview the COO of HireVue. The interview came about as a result of an article I read in USA Today. I wrote about HireVue and sent the link to their media email. I received an email back, thanking me for highlighting them on my blog and asking if there is anything else they could do for me. That turned into an interview and now my blog link will be included on their media site. Therefore, people from their blog may come to Darlene’s to read the article and interview.

You find here, in Darlene’s experience, information on how interviewers obtain interviews. Learn from this possible ways you can get your name out there to be interviewed to get recognition for your business. Also, if you’re an interviewer, you also may become better known and possibly get more business.

Reach out to others in the business world and you’ll often find that everyone benefits.

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