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Some Home Businesses May Be Temporary…But Not a Failure

by Mary Emma Allen on February 27th, 2007

Some home businesses may be temporary…a business that fills a need, for you and your customers, for a particular stage in your life, for a particular time period or event, or related to a particular region where you live at the time.   If this business doesn’t become a lifelong pursuit, that doesn’t mean it’s a failure.

You may find that another opportunity comes into your life, your life encounters changes that make this business no longer feasible, or the market for your product or service disappears. 

*During the Bicentennial Years in the United States (1975-76), many businesses created items and services related to this celebration.  I was doing dressmaking at the time and evolved into quiltmaking as a resurgence came about in this art.  Gradually I no longer took dressmaking and alteration orders.

*For several years my husband was a carpenter/cabinetmaker.  After an accident damaged his shoulder, arm, and knee, he was a long time healing and then not very adept at these skills.  So a business change was necessary.

*My son-in-law also was a self-employed carpenter/contractor.  However, a bout with cancer necessitated a career change.

*A friend had a hair salon in her home.  Then there were changes in her life and she sold the house.  She didn’t start a home business elsewhere.  It seemed more practical to work from a friend’s beauty salon in a mall.  She had been successful in her home and many of her clients followed her to the new location.

*Pat operated a fabric store in one room of her home.  She was successful and developed a good clientele.  However, her husband was transferred.  They had to sell their house and move to another state.  She had sales to get rid of her fabric inventory and closed her shop.

*Sometimes your business appears so successful someone else sets up a competitive one, thus causing you to vary what you’re doing or reconsider.

Some businesses, by their nature, are of a temporary nature and provide a service or product for a specific event or duration.  Others take awhile to develop so a business owner shouldn’t become discouraged because time and persistence will prove them successful.

If you have every intention of making your business a long term one, but circumstances beyond your control prevent this, don’t feel you’ve failed.  Learn from this experience, recall the joys, and go on to your next venture.

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1 opinion for Some Home Businesses May Be Temporary…But Not a Failure

  • Laurie Neumann
    Mar 9, 2007 at 9:15 am

    What an excellent perspective you have on this.

    I know we can tend to think if we change our direction, all the time we spent on a particular venture was wasted. It’s only wasted if we don’t learn anything from it and if we don’t allow it to change us.

    We need to have our focus and vision, but be open to changes as they seem necessary.

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