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September 5th, 2008

Businesses “Going Green”

Even though some may be getting tired of the term, “going green,” it appears to be here to stay…at least for the short term.  It’s the latest catch term for showing you’re concerned about the environment and are participating, in some way, to care for it.
As I go around our town, browse through newspapers and […]

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June 27th, 2008

Travel “Green” On Your Business & Family Jaunts


Traveling “green,” without harming the environment has become very popular. Liz Lewis, my co-blogger at Alzheimer’s Notes, writes a very interesting and informative new blog on this topic at b5media, Traveling the Green Way.
Going “green,” traveling “green,” wearing “green”, in fact, anything “green” that helps save the environment has become a very popular word. […]

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June 5th, 2008

Global Warming And Its Connection With Shorts & Bathing Suit Weather & Home Businesses

With summer approaching (in the Northern Hemisphere), we begin to pull our shorts and bathing suits out of the closet and see if we can can fit into them. If they’re a bit snug (or a lot snug) we begin thinking of losing a few pounds.
We’re not obese, but want to be comfortable in our […]

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February 29th, 2008

A “Great Green Leap Day” At Your Home Business

“Going Green” has begun to affect just about everyone and everything.  At least we see the term more and more.  Now there’s talk of going green for Leap Day, February 29 (and carrying it on throughout the year).  Check out Alison Kriscenski’s post, Great Green Leap Day Encourages Volunteerism, at Greener Assets.
Have you begun to incorporate […]

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February 24th, 2008

Are You Going “Too Green” in Your Home Business?

If you’re joining in all the hype about “going green” in today’s world, do you ever consider that you might turn some of your customers off if you’re focusing too heavily on this to the exclusion of other important aspects of your business or their needs?
Also, as Bob Turek says, at Project Management 411, Green Hype […]

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October 15th, 2007

You Create the Environment for Your Home Business

What is our environment?  What do we mean by environmental awareness? To some people it means going green.  To others it means picking up trash.  Still others associate environment with pleasant surroundings to work and live in whether their walls are green, pink, gold, or red.       And some surround themselves with flowers to bring color and fragrance to their space.
  My word finder […]

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July 2nd, 2007

Do You “Go Green” at Your Home Business?

“Going Green” seems to be a very popular concept nowadays.  I’ve seen lists of green movies, green songs, green singers, green concerts.  I’m sure there will be more “green” events, people, and projects as soon as others consider it as “the” way to appeal to the general public or put themselves or their business in a  favorable light.
In the current context, […]

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Now that gas prices are lower, how has this affected your home business?

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