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Global Warming And Its Connection With Shorts & Bathing Suit Weather & Home Businesses

by Mary Emma Allen on June 5th, 2008


With summer approaching (in the Northern Hemisphere), we begin to pull our shorts and bathing suits out of the closet and see if we can can fit into them. If they’re a bit snug (or a lot snug) we begin thinking of losing a few pounds.

We’re not obese, but want to be comfortable in our clothes, can breathe without puffing up the stairs, can work comfortably in our home business or can dash easily if we have to chase after a wandering child.

Also, by losing some of those pounds, we may be helping the environment and cutting down on global warming!

“What!” you exclaim. “Obesity/overweight and global warming are connected?.

Yes, a study has come out that obesity may contribute to global warming. My co-blogger at Alzheimer’s Notes, Liz Lewis, also writes at b5 media’s Health Bolt. You may find this blogpost interesting, Fact or Fiction: Obesity is Contributing to Global Warming?.

What will they think of next? Let us know what you think.

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    Jun 6, 2008 at 8:21 pm

    […] This isn’t the only article I’ve come across hinting at (actually doing more than hinting) the supposition that those who weigh more cause adverse effects on the environment. I discussed a study, that suggests obesity may contribute to global warming, in another blog post recently, Global Warming & Its Connection With Shorts & Bathing Suit Weather & Home Business. […]

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