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What Does Your “Organized Day” Look Like?

by Jean Murray on January 20th, 2009

What is your “dream” organized day?  How does being productive look to you?

My new professional organization expert asked me this question and I had to stop and think… Here is just part of what I thought about:

Start of the Day. First, my day would start with my having before me a list of the things I need to do, in the order I need to do them.

My email would be prioritized for me, the spam removed, and any email that required a quick response or appointment scheduled would already be taken care of for me.

Task Manager. My tasks would be presented to me - As I finished one task, the next one would appear, and I could work through it.  (Well, this dream is getting better - I hope I don’t wake up soon.)  Any interruptions, like phone calls or email “pop-ups” would be handled and put in my queue.

During the Day. Throughout the day, as I came upon new tasks, from email, phone calls, or my own thoughts, I would write them down someplace and immediately prioritize them, deciding on when to handle each one (this afternoon?  tomorrow?  end of the week?)

At the End of Each Day. Before quitting time every day, I would review my priorities and decide how to deal with each one.  I would set up the top priorities for first thing the next morning, so I would not have to waste time figuring out what to do first, second, etc.

Then, I would close the door on my office and enjoy my evening - quilting or reading or watching movies.

What about you?  What does your organized day look like?  How come your REAL day isn’t like that?

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