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Year End Summaries of Your Home Business

by Mary Emma Allen on December 28th, 2006

As I was organizing several years’ worth of annual Christmas letters, written to family and friends summarizing our family and business activities, I realized they gave a record of what we were doing throughout the years. I’d saved copies (the writer in me). Then I learned from a family history researcher friend that these Christmas letters were good to save since they summarized one’s year and comprised a history.

So I began organizing them in order, year by year, then realized they gave a record, not simply of family activities but Jim’s and my business activities as well. I could expand upon these for business records and for family history information.

You can do the same. Records, not just the facts and figures, but the ups and downs of business, the people you meet, the travels you might take, can be of interest in years to come.

I discovered that my grandfather, a farmer, kept a record of his expenses and income on the farm. He wrote these figures in a notebook. His uncle, a storekeeper, had a record of what people purchased in his store. Some of them traded for their goods while others paid cash. Some customers also charged their purchases, and he recorded when they paid their bills.

When I was growing up on a dairy farm, my parents also raised chickens and sold eggs. I came across a record of the egg business my mother kept for several years. She probably did this for income purposes, but it’s interesting to read these now in her handwriting.

Your annual holiday letters can be year end summaries of your home business as well as a recap of your family activities. When you’re working at or from home, your business and family lives are intertwined.

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