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Home Biz Notes

10 Home Biz Notes Posts Featuring Home Businesses

by Mary Emma Allen on September 15th, 2007

We generally like to learn about other’s success stories that give us the feeling…

“Ah! If she/he can do that, I can be successful with my business” 

Or…“What a great tip!  I’ll have to try that with my home business.”

Over the existence of Home Biz Notes, I’ve interviewed and mentioned numerous home business.  I’ll round up some of these in case you missed them…or are at a point in your business where some of these tips now will inspire you.

*Mark Allen operates an online business through the utilization of CafePress as his “store.”

*Dorothy Thompson has discovered that the Internet offers her the opportunity to develop a home business organizing and promoting virtual blog tours for authors.

*Laura Spencer, on a guest post at Home Biz Notes, tells about setting up and operating her business, Writing Thoughts, while taking care of her father who had Alzheimer’s.

*Yvonne Russell discusses developing a Home Based Bookstore, with tips for operating it solely online or as a walk-in business in your home.

*Jewelry Maker Barbara Giordano has created a successful online jewelry business using the theme of adoption.

*Laurie Maier developed Blue Indigo by designing, sewing and selling handbags made from vintage fabrics.

*Quilter Eleanor Burns’ business evolves from her home into a multi-million dollar corporation.

*Richard McManus has developed blogging as a home business.

*Patricia Bolton established a home published quilting magazine, Quilting Arts, into a business with international recognition.  She soon also will host a quilting show for PBS.

*I was interviewed on Work From Home Momma about my experiences operating home businesses for the past 40 years.

What about you?  How about entering the “Jump Start Your Business” contest, as well as utilizing some of the tips from the business owners mentioned above to start your own business or expand it?

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