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Home Daycare Business Owner Recommends Resources For Daycare Startups

by Yvonne Russell on September 4th, 2008


Guest Post
By Debbie Yost

Reader Question:
Do you have a book, dvd, or cd with any tips on how to successfully run an in home daycare?

I want to start a home daycare too. I have worked in daycare centers off and on throughout my life. I started working at a daycare when I was 14. I also have two kids of my own. I don’t really have a problem with watching kids except for the discipline area and with managing the daily tasks of having an in home business.

Debbie Yost Answers:

RedLeaf Press is the organization many of my fellow daycare providers use. They have catalogs for all areas of running a home daycare including working with parents, keeping tax records, and setting policies. There are sample contracts and policy handbooks. There is a fee to receive these services.

Because of the extensive work I had done prior to opening my daycare and my knowledge of the law I did not feel I needed their services. However, I do recommend it for anyone looking to open a daycare. Not only will their products make running your daycare easier, it can help you avoid and legal and tax problems.

  • Can anyone else weigh in with other suggestions for in home daycare resources?

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Debbie Yost is a work at home mom who has run a small in-home day care, The Tot Stop, for the last five years. She and her husband have three daughters ages 11, 5 and 3. Debbie’s youngest daughter has Down syndrome.

Because of her daughter, Debbie has become an advocate for people with Down syndrome to ensure they have the same opportunities to live a full and rewarding life as others.

Debbie writes from home whenever she finds time between bottles, diapers, naps and other parental duties. Her personal blog is Three Weddings.

© Bio photo courtesy of Debbie Yost.

© Guest Post Button Image courtesy of Yvonne Russell at Grow Your Writing Business.com

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