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It’s Not Just Babysitting - Intro To Running An In Home Daycare Business

by Yvonne Russell on May 12th, 2008


Our Home Biz Notes May theme is Work At Home Moms in honor of Mother’s Day this month.

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This is the first in a 4 part series from Debbie Yost about In Home Daycare as a home business.

Guest Post
By Debbie Yost

Five years ago when I wanted to stay home with my children, I thought the perfect way to supplement our family income was to run an in-home daycare. I had an advantage over many individuals entering this profession because I had audited the State of Missouri Child Care Facilities Inspections and Licensing department. During this audit, I had the opportunity to observe many in-home child care facilities and saw the good, the bad and the ugly.

In order to run a successful in-home daycare, a lot of planning needs to be made. There are many state laws and regulations you must follow as well as possible city or county codes. There are fire safety standards. There are training requirements including CPR and First Aid. There is a lot of equipment needed. However, in many ways, all these requirements are the easy part. It’s all written out for you and all you need to do is check it off as you get it done.

What the laws and regulations and statutes don’t cover, however, you are left to figure out on your own.

Over the next couple weeks I will discuss some of areas that can cause conflict and stress and make a dream job become a nightmare.

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Debbie Yost is a work at home mom who has run a small in-home day care, The Tot Stop, for the last five years. She and her husband have three daughters ages 11, 5 and 3. Debbie’s youngest daughter has Down syndrome.

Because of her daughter, Debbie has become an advocate for people with Down syndrome to ensure they have the same opportunities to live a full and rewarding life as others.

Debbie writes from home whenever she finds time between bottles, diapers, naps and other parental duties. Her personal blog is Three Weddings.

© Bio photo courtesy of Debbie Yost.

© Guest Post Button Image courtesy of Yvonne Russell at Grow Your Writing Business.com

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