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2 More Ways to Create a “Bigger Than Life” Home Business

by Jean Murray on December 19th, 2008

One of the ways you can help your small home business look bigger than life is through branding, as I mentioned in my blog of a few days ago.  Here are a couple of specific things you can do to get your brand into high gear:

1.  Get a business logo. I’m talking about a really cool logo that will make everyone who sees it know you are a professional and that you are serious about your success.  I am excited about a site I found called 99designs.  This is a contest site; that is, you tell a bunch of designers your idea and they submit ideas.  You can interact with the designers, ask them to make changes, or eliminate designs you don’t like.  I put my contest up yesterday and already I have over 25 logos to look at.  Some are pretty dull, but others are great.

2.  Get a web site. Getting your own domain name and website isn’t as difficult you might think.  It also eliminates the unprofessional email (from gmail, aol, yahoo) that Jeff mentioned in his comment.  A couple of ways to get a simple website with a couple of email accounts:

  • Use GoDaddy. I’ve used them for years and their stuff is cheap and easy to use.  It’s not terribly sophisticated, but it get the job done.  You buy the url (domain name) for a year, then you can get them to host your domain and give you a simple site with emails.  That’s it.
  • Use a web designer. I use VirtualImpax.  Kathy can help you set up a website for under $500.  She also can give you lots of good advice on what you need and how to get it.  Visit her Web Site Tools page for more information.

One warning:  Don’t get hooked into setting up a blog if you don’t really need it to promote your home-based business.  Blogging is hard work (here I am to prove that!) and it isn’t for everyone.

For a small amount of investment, with the tips I have given you over the past few days, you can create a business that looks serious and real and professional.  Fool everyone. Look bigger than you are.

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1 opinion for 2 More Ways to Create a “Bigger Than Life” Home Business

  • Sheryl Schuff, CPA
    Dec 19, 2008 at 10:11 pm

    Yes, blogging can be hard work.

    And it’s also possible to use the Wordpress blogging platform to create a professional looking web site using the “pages” feature instead of the “posts” feature. You can use both if you choose.

    There are zillions of free Wordpress themes (layouts) you can use without having to hire a professional designer.

    You’ll want to host Wordpress on your own domain. Registering the domain name should cost less than $10 per year and there are great hosting packages that cost less than $ 10 per month.

    There are several hosting services that include a simple automatic install for Wordpress.

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