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Concentrate on Customers, Not Yourself

by Mary Emma Allen on July 15th, 2009

“If you don’t have anything else to discuss, do you mind if I get some paper work done?” the owner of a recently established small kitchen and bath design business asked my husband and me as he ushered us to the door.  This was after he had spent most of the time we were there telling us about himself.

Apparently when he found we weren’t there to purchase any services or appliances that day, he considered us not worth bothering with.  Justifiably, he probably had estimates and paperwork to do, but he really hadn’t talked with us enough to find out what our present and future needs were.  He also didn’t know I’m a business writer and do freelancing for local publications, as well as online.

We didn’t mind learning about him.  In fact, we’d want to know about the business owners if we did decide to purchase there or have him coordinate design work for us.  However, was there a more diplomatic way to “get rid of us” without our thinking we insignificant because  we weren’t going to commit that day?

Will I refer people to him in our town or elsewhere?  Will I go there for service?  To give him the benefit of the doubt, I’ll surmise that his wife is the person who usually greets customers and he’s the behind-the-scenes co-owner.  However, she wasn’t there that day.  So what impression was made?

Think about how your words sound to your customers. 

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