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5 Tips…Going The “Extra Mile” For Your Customers

by Mary Emma Allen on March 21st, 2008


Performing that extra service for your customer or client gives you an edge in today’s competitive world. This doesn’t mean you’re a doormat and let them ask for services and products that go beyond those agreed upon or that you redo again and again something when there seems to be no way you’ll satisfy them.


  1. Reply to their questions promptly…often by e-mail these days.
  2. Follow-up on a purchase or service, perhaps with a phone call.
  3. Take care of any complaints/concerns (within reason) as soon as you can.
  4. Send a “thank you” note by postal mail. It’s surprising how many people appreciate a note that comes in the mail.
  5. Give “added value”…some small gift or freebie, especially when it’s a large order.

What do you do?

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