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Developing a Free E-Cookbook for PR

by Mary Emma Allen on May 22nd, 2009

 Many authors offer free e-books to help promote their writing and themselves.  These are of various lengths and formats.  Some even have been prepared as CDs.  (Other businesses can do the same.)

 Promotional e-books may include:

  • An excerpt from a current book
  • A complete small book that enhances a current book
  • An extension of a current book
  • A compilation of work by various authors
  • A collection of recipes from authors

 I’ve been involved in a number of these promotional projects and found them thoroughly enjoyable.  I haven’t used the promotional possibilities to the fullest, but know they’re ongoing.


 I’ve participated in two cookbooks coordinated by Kathleen (Katy) Walls, founder and president of Global Authors Publications (GAP) and author of numerous regional books and novels. 

 Cooking By the Book - This was the first e-cookbook and how I met Katy.  Each author contributed  recipes that tied in with one of more or their books.  We described our books and wrote a brief bio. 

 Wild About Florida Cookbook is Katy’s current project to promote her regional “Wild Florida” travel books.  Even though I don’t have a book set in Florida, my recipe for CORN BREAD is a generic one that could have been made by cooks there and currently is.  I referred to my story, “Sarah Jane’s Daring Deed,” a popular one in my children’s anthology, Tales of Adventure & Discovery.  I’m also in the process of making this story into a picture book.

 Both free e-cookbooks are available to view and download at this link on Katy’s site.  We don’t charge for these books.  It could become complicated when so many authors are involved. 

Have you ever done any promotion of this type?  I’d enjoy having you share with us.

(Book Cover Credit Kathleen & Martin Walls)

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