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Working at a Home Business with Your Spouse Part 2

by Mary Emma Allen on May 29th, 2009

In Jean Murray’s guest post, Working at Home with Your Spouse, she discusses sharing an office with her husband, both of whom work at different businesses. 

What if you and your spouse work at the same home business, as my husband and I do?  As my dad and mom did on their farm?  As my classmate’s parents did operating a country general store?

What problems do you encounter and how do you solve them?

  • Both of you are different personalities and may tackle the jobs in your business differently.  It may be a challenge at first to work together, especially if this is something new for you.  However, make a decision that you’ll work through the difficulties.
  •  Keep the communication open rather than having intense “I’m right, you’re wrong” discussions or going into a silent mode.
  • Don’t argue in front of customers.
  • See what you each excell in and concentrate on that. Perhaps one is better at production and the other dealing with customers.  Each focus on your strengths.
  • Don’t take a “That’s your job” attitude though and refuse to do a task you think your spouse/partner should do.
  • Do whatever it requires to get the task done and keep the business operating.
  • Keep on top of finances and discuss financial decisions.
  • Develop a sense of humor.

What have been some of your secrets of success when working with a spouse or partner?

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