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Should I Expand & Purchase New Equipment for my Home Business?

by Mary Emma Allen on August 19th, 2009

As I discussed, here at Home Biz Notes, investing in a home business, in particular a sewing/quilting business, I realized I’d had to carry my decision further than simply purchasing a new sewing machine…which I did at one time in my business.  However, as my business progressed from dressmaking and alterations to quiltmaking and eventually to making appliqued children’s vests, I had another decision to make.

Should I expand?

I began to get orders for my products from around the country.  It was becoming more than I could handle on my simple sewing machine and with my husband’s help.  I began to look into other equipment for making the production of this product easier, faster and ultimately more productive.

  • Should I purchase new, more expensive, equipment for a commercial operation?
  • If I expanded further, I would need other people to help with the sewing and this would present a host of challenges.
  • Would I make enough to pay for new equipment and pay home workers?
  • Would the business begin to absorb me?
  • Would I be better going in another direction rather than growing larger in business and investment?
  • Would interest continue in my vests?  For how long?  Would I have to add new products to my line?

After investigating the various options, I decided not to expand.  I continued to make some vests, along with my other quilted items until I was offered the opportunity to become a full time reporter on our local newspaper (combined with editing their travel publication) and writing for quilting magazines. 

For me, I made the right choice because I’ve always preferred to write rather then sew.

Have you faced similar decisions? What you do depends on your research and your personal interests. 

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