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Discrimination Against Women in the Workplace - Prelude to Starting a Home Business?

by Mary Emma Allen on June 7th, 2008


The Playing Field is Not Equal Between Men and Women in Business, Bridget Wright maintains at Biz Chicks Rule.

The business playing field is, unfortunately, not equal in business and probably never will be. Women have always been the primary caregivers in the family. Women have always been the ones expected to adjust to any situation to make it better for the family. That’s just the way it is. More is expected of us in terms of flexibility. Now you may disagree, which is fine, but I firmly stand by what I say. (Bridget has some good points on why she believes this.)

My questions after reading Bridget’s post:

*Is it wrong for the woman to be the main caregiver in the family? The one to be there (”on call”) when the children are ill?

*Should a woman be made to feel inadequate because she wants to be the main caregiver and thus follow her outside-the-home career as she can work it in between raising children?

It’s for each family to work out, who is the main caregiver and who follows their career aggressively. A single mom may have more difficulties…but doesn’t a single dad…juggling career and children? In this case, a single dad with child rearing responsibilities may feel discriminated against when it comes to business and employment. He’s passed over by the men and women without child rearing commitments.

I know of one dad whose boss was very negative because he shared childcare responsibilities with his wife and often had to go home early or be absent because it was his turn to care for the sick child.

So…..these considerations may be why Home Businesses appeal to so many women, and at-home dads.

I have worked at home businesses for years because I wanted to be home with our daughter as she was growing up, and then our grandchildren. I’ve had jobs in the workplace, too, and still do part time. I’ve also had to work my writing career around my family. This has been my choice…perhaps one I’ve been “conditioned” for due to societies’ expectations.

Yes, sometimes I’ve been frustrated because I’ve passed up writing opportunities that would have taken me away from my family. I look at other writers and see where they are in life and wonder, “Why not me?”

Then I look at my marriage of 48 years, our daughter, son-in-law, two grandchildren and all the others who call me “mom,” and consider my choices have been the ones for me. Now I’m at a stage where I can pursue my writing career more aggressively, as well as become a health and beauty consultant.

What’s your take on all of this? Can women have everything? Are they treated unfairly in the workplace? Do they have to make choices and sacrifice their careers if they have a family? Should they find ways to have a career via a home business?

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(c)2008 Mary Emma Allen

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1 opinion for Discrimination Against Women in the Workplace - Prelude to Starting a Home Business?

  • Denise's Money Making Blog
    Jun 7, 2008 at 9:57 am

    I used to feel it was discrimination, but not so much anymore. I think my generation, 40-yos and younger really don’t understand what is meant by discrimination. More so, we wonder how to fix all of the problems of having a home and having to work. As time goes on and each year a new set of employees hits the work force, these things will be worked out. Hopefully women will start to get more and more opportunties in the upper levels of companies. Until then, I’ll keep working at home :-)

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