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Etsy As A Home Business & The Power Of Competitions

by Yvonne Russell on October 26th, 2008

I’d heard of Etsy, but only recently took time to start exploring. They bill themselves as “your place to buy and sell all things handmade.” Goods include quilts, jewelry, furniture, handbags and much more.

The Power Of Competitions As Marketing
Do you know what got me there? Yes, that’s right - a competition.

Many Etsy sellers have been proactive in offering their wares as blog giveaways and competition prizes. What a great idea to get people exploring your site. These savvy craftspeople made sure that one of the stipulations for entering was to visit their site and choose their favorite item.

I found once I was at the site, I kept exploring. I can see Etsy in my Christmas shopping future. They have a new customer because they were savvy with using a competition as a marketing strategy.

Etsy As A Home Business

Etsy seems ideal as a home business for a keen craftsperson -

  • A good way to get started in business basics
  • You decide your own inventory
  • You can tailor your inventory in response to which items are most popular
  • You have a community of other Etsy buyers to network with
  • The items seem to be quality items made with pride
  • It’s a good way to get started online
  • Etsy offers a professional service and site
  • You get your own Etsy site
  • You can link to your Etsy site from your blog or website
  • Low overheads mean higher profit margins
  • Your Etsy business can be run from home or your studio
  • Can be full time or part time

- Tell us about your Etsy store?
- Have you had success with competitions or giveaways with your Etsy products?

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