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Getting the Most from Your Home Business “To-Do” List

by Mary Emma Allen on August 5th, 2008


If I didn’t make my “to-do” list each evening, I’d never have any semblance of organization or accomplishment.  At the end of the day, I often find I didn’t get everything done, was interrupted by unexpected tasks,  could become more organized.  However, if I didn’t make my lists, I’d be batting near zero!

Here’s a great post, 7 Ways to Optimize To-Do Lists by guest poster Corey Freeman at Domestik Goddess.  I’m considering utilizing some of Corey’s suggestions to make my to-do list more effective.  (However, I can’t spend so much time on my list that I don’t get anything done!)

Some people use planners, notebooks, sheets of paper, 3×5 cards, computer programs, electronic planners.  I’ve tried various methods and have yet to find the perfect one. 

OK, so now I’ll get out my To-Do list and see how much I accomplish today! 

What’s your secret on organizing your daily and weekly tasks?  Do you have a T0-Do List or some other method?

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